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About Us

Our highly skilled and dedicated team of experts has extensive experience from the Railway Industry. From Suppliers, Infrastructure Managers to Train Operators. Some with more than 30+ years.


We believe in being close to our customers and local presence is key to deliver the best service and support before our client make their decision to purchase any products and or services, and to follow up when products and solutions are installed.


NGRT is a Spanish origin company with presence in several countries in Europe and our product development located centrally in Europe. We have sales and support representatives in various countries around the globe with dedicated resources and partners.


We approach the market directly and or through distributors and agents. Should you be interested in becoming a NGRT representative, please contact NGRT at

Part of NGRT`s strategy is also to have manufacturing done locally, which again helps reducing costs to bare minimum. Potential manufacturers will be assessed and certified by NGRT and our standard ISO procedures before having access to all BOM`s.



Applications and Services


NGRT deliver both applications and services. Apart from our unique applications, NGRT also offer key railway services, not limited to:


  • Analysing and evaluation of existing products and services according to our client’s requirements and specifications

  • Product evaluation and certification auditing

  • Manufacturers and production auditing

  • Rolling stock monitoring with service intervals

  • Rail-track and rail-corridor condition monitoring

  • Hazard warning to road authorities

  • Hazard warning to gas & oil production facilities

Our Vision

Be the pioneering visionary, and a Game Changer, for the railway industry introducing tomorrows technical solutions based on novel technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to
digitalise infrastructure monitoring with realtime - accurate and reliable warnings, increase safety and significantly reduce costs for the railway operators securing a zero-emission supply and de-carbonisation

Company Profile

NGRT S.L. is a company focusing on railway safety, working with railway regulators and helping infrastructure managers and train operators secure their infrastructure and operations.

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