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Our applications are designed to detect any anomaly that occurs in the railway infrastructure, any type of approaching trains or rolling stock at any location in all weather conditions, as well as foreign objects and “unforeseen” anomalies impacting the railway infrastructure.

The NGRT applications gives real-time, accurate and reliable warning of any anomalies within the track corridor to the Infrastructure Manager, and or Train Operator. NGRT do this by detecting, processing and analysing vibrations propagated through the rails. Together with our legal patent advisor Balder IP Law in Spain, NGRT has secured the freedom to operate world-wide in a fully protected way with our our products, technology and systems in various territories (including published international application PCT/EP2018/078442)


NGRT technology can interface with all standard trackside external equipment by connecting external devices directly into the Main Assembly on standard connections. It is therefore possible to use existing trackside equipment, if desired.


As a result, NGRT offers both local processing of gathered data as well as off-site processing via a back office solution. NGRT is capable of working with clients to provide a secure back-office platform bespoke to the client’s needs. NGRT can design and deliver a full serviced back-office into the clients Control Centre.

Key Advantages on NGRT Applications: 
  • Significantly reduced cost, from purchase to installation and maintenance

  • Designed along modern “plug & play” principles

  • System installation is generally completed within 1 day without taking possession of the track(s).

  • SW and HW designed, developed and built in accordance with CENELEC standards and SIL certification.

  • Low Power consumption.

  • Warranty set to 10 years and Life Time set to 25 years.

  • Manufacturing done locally in the client’s territory.

  • Support and service done by local partners.

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