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NGRT Updates

A group of people at the railway during a site inspection
RUMO’s senior team during site inspection with NGRT .

2023 was the year that NGRT left the station and really accelerated our mission to bring our technology to the global market. The increase in investment and business cases, has created a snowball effect, and the NGRT is upscaling at an incredible rate.

Let’s look at how the biggest year in the company’s history to date unfolded ...



Site inspection performed, and specific installation locations identified. RUMO, like NGRT, are game changing in their area of expertise of improving the Brazilian infrastructure and investing heavily to increase the logistical efficiency with an eye on sustainability.

NGRT will now assist RUMO on securing the extremely important track section named Serra Do Santos with our technology, where all the train operations from RUMO ends up at the port of Santos.

Below are some images of obstacles faced on RUMO’s train line.



Extensive consultations and agreement to install our BRD technology, as National Egyptian Railways (NER) has incorporated NGRT’s technical specifications as their requirement on a national level.

First installation would be for the Cairo Metro Line followed by the national regional track infrastructure.

Group of people standing behind a meeting table.
NGRT’s CEO Richard Aaroe presenting our tech to National Egyptian Railways (NER).
Map of Portuguese Network


Agreement in place to install our technology and use the Mobile Worksite Protection units for the Infrastructure of Portugal (IP) as proof of Concepts, and then being deployed on national network.



Western Railways India – Signed agreement with the largest railway network in the world, first BRD installation on the Lucknow to Gorakhpur line was made to the rail service in July 2023. The track is roughly 272 km long.

This installation was done by TranzRail Solutions without any interruption of train operations and alterations of the track and infrastructure.

The second PO has also been agreed with India and systems manufacturing start at end of December.

A large group of people in front of a technical installation at a Indian railway
Installation station in India. In photo Andrew Sharp (NGRT), CEO and owner of TranzRail Solutions (NGRT’s partner in India) and some members of Indian Railways as well as excited locals who came to see the installation of the tech.



The Lagos Metro Blue line administered by LAMATA has chosen NGRT to protect their high profile line with our BRD technology.

The agreement was signed in September with the comments coming from the Rail signal team such as “it’s a huge game changer really”.

Blue train on a railway bridge at the harbor in Lagos Nigeria
Aerial view of LAMATA’s flagship blue line in Lagos which opened in Q3 of 2023 to much fanfare and celebration, where NGRT is going to provide reliable Broken Rail Detection.


So … What’s next for NGRT?

NGRT is no longer a secret, and the cat is well and truly out of the bag. 2024 will be a continuation of the meteoric rise we have seen this year.

A cat walking on the railway beside a bag with NGRT logo on


Join us on our journey! Get in touch for more information on becoming a partner, supplier, or investor in NGRT.

With instant warning messages, providing exact location of any incident caused by buckling tracks, landslips, rockfalls, flooding’s, washed out ballast or ground, tree falls and or sea storms, NGRT will secure railway infrastructure managers a reliable and accurate solution to prevent any danger and or accidents to happen.

With unique technology NGRT will secure real-time, accurate and reliable warning of any infrastructure incidents such as Broken Rail, Rock- and landslide, Flooding and Wash-outs, Wheel-Derailment, Flat wheel and unauthorised personnel/objects on the track presented directly into the railway control centres.

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