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NGRT Updates

With instant warning messages, providing exact location of any incident caused by buckling tracks, landslips, rockfalls, flooding’s, washed out ballast or ground, tree falls and or sea storms, NGRT will secure railway infrastructure managers a reliable and accurate solution to prevent any danger and or accidents to happen.

With unique technology NGRT will secure real-time, accurate and reliable warning of any infrastructure incidents such as Broken Rail, Rock- and landslide, Flooding and Wash-outs, Wheel-Derailment, Flat wheel and unauthorised personnel/objects on the track presented directly into the railway control centres.

NGRT being a zero-emission company will assist the EU reaching the ambitious goal implementing the European Green Deal by 2050, the new strategy of the European Union focused on improving the well-being of people. NGRT will with our unique technology assist railways obtaining key roles in decarbonising the EU economy.

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