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WPS - Worksite Protection



NGRT WPS is a mobile system designed to detect approaching trains alongside the tracks where maintenance work is being carried out.

"While the team sat waiting on the steep embankment slope, the team leader got up and began walking alongside the track with his back to traffic, unaware of the second train approaching......" Unfortunately many news stories starts with a similar text as to one recently reported an fatal accident. These can easily be avoided by using the NGRT Work Site Protection Unit, which is a mobile version of the NGRT TDS. 

The Vibration Detection Unit’s (VDU`s) are attached to the rails in a way that they can easily be removed and re-located at the next location, and the system can be in operation minutes after installation. It is powered by a battery lasting up to 24 hours and can be recharged using standard 110/230vac mains power or a 12vdc car outlet.

From the control box and panel the site manager can easily have control on all his/her staff members on their tablet, and each individual person will have their own personal alarm device, such as air-pieces, vibration armbands i.e. Also trackside sounders and light are connected and any rolling stock will be pre-warned with enough time to clear track before passage.

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