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NGRT Updates

NGRT being a zero-emission company will assist the EU reaching the ambitious goal implementing the European Green Deal by 2050, the new strategy of the European Union focused on improving the well-being of people. NGRT will with our unique technology assist railways obtaining key roles in decarbonising the EU economy.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

NGRT is proud to announce that it has become a member of MAFEX, the true and main Spanish Railway Association.  MAFEX, created in 2004, from within its activities are undertaken and revolve around the four axes Internationalisation,Competitiveness and Innovation, Institutional Relations and Strategic Positioning and finally Marketing and Communication. By becoming a MAFEX member, NGRT will truly benefit for the excellent work and network MAFEX delivers to Spanish Railway suppliers, and NGRT has already been introduced and incorporated into activities which will secure NGRT a solid progress.

NGRT has been awarded with the EIBT Certificate issued by ANCES. EIBT is a nationwide prestigious recognition program, managed by ANCES (Spanish Business Innovation Centers association) to distinguish business models based on the development of new, or adapted own technology. The EIBT brand recognizes those companies that operate in some of the high-tech sectors that invest in R&D higher than the average in other sectors and also have an innovative product. See more:

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